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100% Kona Prime

100% Kona Prime

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100% Made in the USA!  This single Origin coffee is sourced from Greenwell Farms in Kealakekua, Hawaii.  Founded by Henry Greenwell in 1850, this farm is owned and operated by Henry's great-grandson.

The districts in the Kona Coffee Belt have well-drained and slightly acidic volcanic soil, moderate temperature swings from day to night and wind-protected western slopes.

100% Kona coffees are prized throughout the 'specialty coffee' world, creating a strong demand for these American beans.  This demand, combined with a labor intensive hand-picked harvest cause the high market prices for 100% Kona coffee.  While it may not be an 'everyday coffee', we can't think of a better time to splurge on a great coffee for special moments.

Your cup will have a bright acidity and a medium body.  The taste profile includes citrus fruit and honey notes and ends with a pleasant, complex finish.

100% Kona Prime from Greenwell Farms is a Medium roast coffee. It is ONLY available in Regular and in a 12 oz. package size. 

Get yours while these extremely limited bags are available!

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