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Kona Blend

Kona Blend

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In order for a coffee blend to include the designation 'Kona' at least 10% of the beans must come from the Kona district of Hawaii and we've read that some brands don't even include that amount.  Kona coffees are hand-picked in Hawaii.  These increased labor costs and the demand for Kona coffee result in more expensive coffees.

We've more than doubled the minimum requirement with ~25% of the beans in this bag from Kona!  We've added arabica beans from Costa Rica and Panama to complete this blend.  The high level of Kona found in Commitment Coffee explains why our price is more expensive than other Kona blends you might find online.

This blend combines to provide balanced acidity and body.  It delivers a rich, pleasing taste with fruity notes and a floral aroma.

Kona Blend is a Medium roast coffee.  It is ONLY available in Regular and in a 12 oz. package size. 

Get yours while these extremely limited bags are available!

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