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JB's Irish Cream
JB's Irish Cream

JB's Irish Cream

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Commodore John Barry shares the unofficial title 'The Father of the American Navy' with fellow officer - John Paul Jones.  While Jones might be a more familiar name in the Navy's history, Barry was no less consequential.  He was the first Captain to command a Continental Navy warship. After the establishment of the U.S. Navy, he became the first commissioned officer (and the first flag officer) in the new American Navy - receiving his commission from George Washington.

Born to a working family in Wexford, Ireland, John Barry moved to the Irish coast at a young age and learned seamanship skills from his uncle who was a fisherman.  These skills enabled him to set out for the new world as a teenager.  As revolution came to the colonies, he was a patriot and ardent supporter of the new Nation.  He was once offered $100,000 to defect to the British Navy and was outraged at the offer...responding that not all the money in the British treasury or command of its entire fleet could entice him away from his adopted country.  He was also an early member of the Charitable Captains of Ships Club, which provided for the relief of the widows and orphans of sailing men.  

We can think of no better officer to serve as inspiration for our Spring Seasonal Flavor - JB's Irish Cream.  This seasonal favorite delivers a taste of sweet cream with vanilla, a touch of cocoa and a hint of mint.

 JB's Irish Cream is a Medium roast.  It is available in Regular and Decaf and ONLY in a 12 oz. package size. 

This will be available to order through mid-to-late March, pending availability.

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