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From Field to Cup: Our Coffee's Journey


Our 100% arabica beans start their journey in the leading coffee-growing regions in the world - from countries in Central & South America, Eastern Africa and Southeast Asia.


Our importer purchases directly from coffee estate owners and farmers, efficiently transports and then delivers green, ready-to-roast beans straight to our roaster's door.  Partnering with a large importer ensures availability of our 'everyday' Blends and Flavors coffees and provides opportunity to purchase unique and limited offerings for Origins coffees.


Being new to the coffee business, we sought to create a partnership with an experienced expert to ensure we deliver the highest quality coffee possible.  We're fortunate to have found a pioneer in the gourmet coffee industry - one who has over 85 years of experience blending the art and science of coffee roasting.  Equipped with imported roasters from Italy and a patented roasting process, they are masters at coaxing optimal flavor, body and balance from each coffee. 

Curious about our roast levels?  Here is a brief description.  See our individual product pages to learn which roast is used in each variety.

      • Medium:  Our standard roast - no oil is present on the bean's surface.  This roast delivers a smooth balance of acidity, body and flavor.  Coffees with a medium roast are often described as 'clean' or 'bright'.  
      • Dark:  The coffee is roasted just enough to bring the bean's natural oils to the surface.  These coffees will have a stronger body and flavor, so less acidity is noticed.  
      • French (Darker):  A heavier roast that imparts a carmelized flavor. The bean's unique, varietal characteristics will begin to take a back seat to the dense flavor from longer roasting times.  Full-bodied with a taste that lingers on the palate.
      • Italian (Darkest):  This roast delivers a heavy body and a robust flavor, with a taste that is almost smoky.  The finished beans will have a noticeable oily coating.  Our partner's  artisans ensure this darkest roast provides a smooth drinking experience, while not imparting the harsh or bitter 'dark roast bite' associated with many roasters' French or Italian blends.


Fresh-roasted coffee beans are cooled and readied for packing.  The packaging equipment eliminates air by replacing it with a quick flush of nitrogen gas.  To ensure no air seeps into the bag through delivery, we heat seal a foil-lined package that integrates a one-way degassing valve.  This extra effort ensures you receive beans with optimal freshness, aroma and flavor.


If this sounds good, try something one of our Collections!

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