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Shipping & Local Delivery Information

Updated 4.12.22:

We're doubling the size of our Free Local Delivery Zone!  We now offer contactless delivery within a 10-mile radius of 'downtown' Smithton, IL!

Standard Shipping / Delivery Information

The following details are provided to outline our shippping and delivery services.  Please send an email to customercare@commitmentcoffee.com if you have any questions about these details.

1.  We strive to maintain full, but limited, inventory at our fulfillment center.  This helps to ensure the Commitment Coffee we provide to you maintains a fresh taste and enticing aroma.

2.  When your item is in-stock, the following details apply based on the order's destination:

a.  Shipping (Outside 10-mile radius of 'downtown' Smithton, IL): 

    • We strive to meet 'next day' drop-off to a USPS or UPS shipping point.
    • At times you might catch the timing 'just right' and we are able to ship the same day. 
    • Occasionally, we might have a 1-day delay...well, because 'Life' (note...this is rare, but possible).
    • Orders placed on the weekend will be shipped the following Monday.
    • See the 2.9.2021 update at the bottom of this page to learn more about our shipping rates.

    b.  Local Delivery (Within 10-mile radius of 'downtown' Smithton, IL):

      • We strive to meet 'next day' delivery.
      • At times you might catch the timing 'just right' and we are able to deliver the same day. 
      • Occasionally, we might have a 1-day delay...well, because 'Life' (note...this is rare, but possible).
      • If inclement weather is forecast or imminent, we might hold your delivery or contact you to ensure someone is home or a 'protected area' is available.  Weather-related issues may result in temporary delivery delays.
      • Local Delivery is FREE.

    3.  When we are out of stock on your item, please know we are rushing to replace our inventory. 

      • We usually place an order with our roasting partner every Monday morning. 
      • We sometimes place a 2nd order on Wednesday/Thursday if it's been a heavy sales week. 
      • Unfortunately, COVID-19 related issues limit our pick-up times to Monday-Thursday. 
      • If you've placed an order that is out-of-stock and there will be more than a 3-day delay to dropping off at a shipping point or delivering to your doorstep, then we will contact you via email or text message to inform you of the anticipated shipping/delivery date. 
      • While this is inconvenient, look on the bright side...you'll have the freshest roast we provide!

    Updated 2.9.2021

    Effective today, we will institute a new, '4-tier' shipping fee structure.  The new rates and tiers are:

    • $4.35 for purchases up to $18.00
    • $6.70 for purchases between $18.01 - $36.00
    • $7.10 for purchases between $36.01 - $54.99
    • FREE for purchases of $55 or more

    We will continue to share the burden of paying shipping costs with our customers, as we have done since we started our company in May 2020.

    We wish we didn't have to increase these fees, but it is necessary to continue building a strong business foundation and to ensure we can continue our mission to support the educational needs of our fallen and severely wounded service members' families. 

     We appreciate your understanding and your continued support!

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