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Starter Pack - The Original

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Starter Pack - The Original

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The perfect introduction to our small-batch, craft coffee.  This starter pack includes the following three 8 oz. packages - one each from our Blends, Flavors & Origins product lines:

  • Burney's Blend:  balanced, smooth taste with medium body.
  • Highlander Grog:  hints of caramel, vanilla, butter & maple.  
  • Tanzania Peaberry:  distinctive taste and slight floral aroma.

We'd love for you to tell us which one you prefer!

Updated 9.16.21:  We've just passed our 'Sell By' date on the WHOLE BEAN version.  They're still perfectly safe to drink, but may have a slightly reduced flavor and aroma profile from their peak levels.  

Our inventory mistake (we had a little too much on hand) can be your opportunity to get a significant savings - 50% off!  And, these items, like all of our coffee has a 100% money back guarantee.

We think you'll still really enjoy the taste of these coffees.  And, if this is the first time you're trying Commitment Coffee - imagine how good your coffee will taste when you get one of our standard, fresh items!

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